New Releases: North Technologies (Unity Engine)

North Technologies asset pack is created with Unity Engine. The asset pack includes a modular corporate building, over 60 game-ready props and a complete scene.

An image showing North Technologies asset pack, created with Unity Engine.

Elevate your games with our new modular corporate building and over 60 game-ready props. We included a complete scene (shown in the video) for you to use as a starting point in your games and 3D projects. The building has 2 main floors connected with stairs, an entrance area, 9 offices, 5 conference rooms and 6 rest areas and cafeterias.

The pack includes 66 game-ready props in total, including constructive elements like wall blocks, floor blocks, stairs, columns, glass panels,  fences and furniture props like chairs, tables, working desks, office chairs, computers, coffee machines, soda machines, cabinets, shelves, folders, sofas and others. 

The corporate building is modular so you can further design yours with the constructive elements, all elements are well scaled and easy to move due to shared pivot points. 

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