New Releases: Neon Signs 3 Unreal

Neon Signs 3. asset pack is created with Unreal Engine. Elevate your game levels, cities, streets with our new collection of over 180 neon signs, ready to be used as decorative props in your levels. Create up to 360 different neon signs!

An image showing Neon Signs 3. asset pack, created with Unreal Engine.

Neon Signs 3. 

Neon Signs 3. asset pack is created with Unreal Engine 4.  The collection includes 120 complex neon signs with 30 poster and 4 frame variations, 30 simple box neon signs and 30 transparent neon signs. In total 180 blueprints are created by us. Since we included 10 types of meshes, you can create up to 360 different blueprints! You can switch the color of your frames with the provided materials: blue, red, pink, green and yellow.

With the provided materials you can play around with neon signs or even create your posters! 

The following labels are included: Beer Bar, Burger, Cake Shop, Candy Shop, Closed, Cocktails, Cocktails and Dreams, Coffee Bar, Dance Club, Flamingo Casino, Game Centre, Hair Dresser, Hamm and Eggs, Hospital, Hot Dog, Hotel, Ice Ream, Juice Bar, Karaoke, Milkshake, Music Shop, Music Club, Night Bar, Noodles, Open, Pharmacy, Poker, Radio Two and Tanning Studio.

Note: All neon signs have original design, they are created by us! The buildings, street and the scene shown in the images is NOT included in this pack, only the neon signs (see images from the overview scene). Images are shot in our Night City Creator asset pack, which is also available at Unreal Engine Marketplace!

Find this model pack at Unreal Engine Marketplace.