New Releases: Living Room (Unreal Engine)

Join us for a warm cup of coffee in our new virtual living room, created with Unreal Engine 5.1.

An image showing the Living Room asset pack, created with Unreal Engine

Living Room

Living Room asset pack is created with Unreal Engine. Available in both 4.26+ and 5.1 Unreal Engine versions. 

The asset pack includes an interior scene with 50 high-quality game props, including modern furniture and constructive parts.

Furniture models included: angled sofa, fotels, coffee tables, desk, chair, plants, shelves, tv stand, laptop, pots and lamps. 

The living room is modular and made from contructive elements like glass blocks, columns, floor blocks and wall blocks. You can quickly design your room with the provided elements. 

Project features: 

- Example Level Included

- 50 Game Ready Assets

- Controllable and Unique Material Instances

- Realistic Design

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