New Releases: Dirty Lobby

Dirty Lobby created with Unreal Engine. This asset pack includes a complete lobby scene and 70 game-ready 3D props.

An image showing Dirty Lobby asset pack, created with Unreal Engine.

Dirty Lobby is created with Unreal Engine 4.  This asset pack includes a complete scene with 70 game-ready props. The pack includes 70 game-ready models in total, including constructive elements like corridors, wall blocks, stairs, fences, floor blocks, doors and additional props like arm chairs, card boxes, chairs, tables, pipes, paintings, lamps and others. Each floor (in the scene) has 4 rooms and there is one additional big room to connect the doorways. You can add as many floors as you like, design your own lobby as you like it!

The complete scene shown in the video is included in this model pack and it can be used as a starting point in your 3D projects and games.

Find this model pack at Unreal Engine Marketplace.