New Releases: City Bulevard Creator Unity

City Bulevard Creator is our new asset pack , created with Unity Engine. Design and decorate your cities and game levels with over 60 game-ready props.

An image showing City Bulevard Creator asset pack, created with Unity Engine.

City Bulevard Creator asset pack is created with Unity Engine. Design and decorate your city and street scenes with our new Bulevard Creator asset pack. This asset pack includes 67 game-ready street props in total, including foliage models, constructive street elements, street signs, road blocks and others. The provided constructive elements are scaled accordingly and they share the same pivot points, making it easy for you to move them and design your dream city! 

The complete scene shown in the video and images is included in this model pack and it can be used as a starting point in your 3D projects and games. 

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