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New Releases: Modern Offices (Unity Engine)
After many days of hard work the Modern Office asset pack is finally ready and published at Unity Asset Store. Grab yours on 50% Release Discount in the next 7 days.
New Releases: Modern Offices (Unreal Engine)
The long awaited Modern Offices asset pack is finally ready and available at Unreal Engine Marketplace. Build your modern office park with over 120 game-props and 180 controllable materials.
URP Projects: MegaVRse and MegaVRse 2
Due to a high demand for both MegaVRse and MegaVRse 2 asset packs at Unity Asset Store, we created an URP project version for both asset packs.
New Releases: City Hall (Unreal Engine)
City Hall asset pack is created with Unreal Engine and it includes a modular building, 112 props and a complete scene.
New Releases: Chinese Neon Signs 2 (Unreal Engine)
After a short summer break, we are back with a new collection of neon signs in Chinese language created with Unreal Engine.
Local Project: Water Curtain (Kladovo)
It is a great pleasure for us that we had a chance to participate in a local project run by Municipality of Kladovo.
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