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New Releases: Music Bar (Unreal Engine)
Are you ready to dance in our new virtual Music Bar, created with Unreal Engine? This asset pack is available at Unreal Engine Marketplace.
Welcome to the team Nikola!
Even though Nikola is only 24 years old, he already carries incredible 3D modeling skills accompanied with great enthusiasm, dedication and undeniable communication skills. We are thrilled to have Nikola join our team!
New Releases: Weather TV Studio 2. (Unity Engine)
We absolutely enjoyed working on the new Weather TV Studio. We are sure that it will be a perfect fit to all users looking for realistic tv studios to use in their projects.
New Releases: Weather TV Studio 2 (Unreal Engine)
We absolutely enjoyed working on the Weather TV Studio 2., which is now available for all users at Unreal Engine Marketplace
New Releases: House Plants (Unreal Engine)
Decorate your interior scenes with House Plants collection, created with Unreal Engine.
Updates: Small Village
We have some good news for all dear users who are the owners of Small Village asset pack. The asset pack is finally updated. We updated the main scene, improved the lighting, changed the models a bit and minor bug fixes were performed.