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Updates: Desert Oasis and 3. (Unreal Engine)
This week was all about updates, both Desert Oasis and Desert Oasis 3. asset packs are updated to Unreal Engine 5.1 version.
Updates: Small Village
We have some good news for all dear users who are the owners of Small Village asset pack. The asset pack is finally updated. We updated the main scene, improved the lighting, changed the models a bit and minor bug fixes were performed.
URP Projects: MegaVRse and MegaVRse 2
Due to a high demand for both MegaVRse and MegaVRse 2 asset packs at Unity Asset Store, we created an URP project version for both asset packs.
Updates: Royal Palace 1 & Royal Palace 2.
The series of updates continues. Royal Palace and Royal Palace 2 asset packs are updated. The updated versions are published at Unreal Engine Marketplace.
Updates: Dragon Hall and Dragon Hall 2
Last week we updated our two asset packs Dragon Hall and Dragon Hall 2, created with Unreal Engine.
Unreal Engine: Massive Marketplace Sale
Check out the Massive Marketplace Sale at Unreal Engine Marketplace. Find all Dexsoft Game Assets on 50% discount through Friday, June 3.